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Art projects

Comprehensive solutions for cultural and artistic projects — from concept and fundraising to reliable implementation, PR and reports. Limited option. We only consider art projects and events that we would like to see/hear ourselves.

Artists accompaniment

Unobtrusive, calm, people-oriented and efficient administration for artists. We take on correspondence, papers and finances to free your hands for practice. Limited option. We only consider portfolios of the artists we believe in.

Educational programs

Comprehensive solutions for educational and training projects — from the program and speaker selection to reliable implementation and documentation. We advise on methodology, we have our own pool of facilitators and educational talents. Limited option. We only consider educational projects and events where we would like to study ourselves.

Community support

Communities are necessary — for non-profits and business projects, spaces and cultural organizations. We understand how they work: whether it is an international network community or program graduates community. We will advise and/or undertake support and management of your community for a period of one year or more. Limited option. We only consider communities we understand.

Online events and technical hosting

Comprehensive online solutions for cultural and educational events of various formats and extents — from event architecture and online adaptation to technical hosting and broadcasts. And yes, we are just as warm and human-oriented online.

Humanitarian aid

We quickly wrap humanitarian programs into suitable administrative systems devoid of unnecessary bureaucracy. We realize donations from abroad reliably and promptly. We manage humanitarian support programs with warmth and responsibility. We know how to fundraise and communicate with international partners. We hope that this work will not be needed soon. But as long as we fight for freedom together, we do it humanly, with love. Limited option. We can take on a limited number of cases. But if we do, we do it well.


Our classic products on iconic subjects. We do both online and offline, both cultural and educational, both national and international, large-scale forums. We manage a full cycle — from co-development of the concept and architecture to the implementation on the "turnkey" basis. Limited option: We work with significant and up-to-date topics and partners that share our values ​​and visions.

Schools and strategic ssions

We teach the basics of facilitation, pump up advanced skills and develop skills of the future. Both for individuals and teams. We also offer online and offline strategy sessions for organizations and teams that strive to work (more) horizontally. We know how to strategize with art communities, self-organized groups and socially responsible teams.

Offline events and logistics

Comprehensive solutions of various levels of complexity. Turnkey logistics for educational and cultural events. We are hospitable and human-oriented. We organize communication with participants and space management. We find contractors to perform any task.

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