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The dictionary of online products is divided into three categories: "Formats", "Elements", "People". But first, we will define the most important thing - what is online.

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Audio/video signal transmission in real time.


Slang name for live broadcasts on video hosting (eg YouTube).

Multi-platform event

An event that takes place on several online services. At the same time, the capabilities of various platforms are combined for more effective online group work.

Mixed event (online / offline)

Comes from "blended learning" or "blended learning". An event that combines an online part using various platforms for collaborative action, as well as live meetings. Most often, in this format, online and offline meetings alternate (for example, an international group meeting online, and then meetings in smaller local groups offline).

Hybrid format

A format where part of the group is present online and part is offline as part of the event. The difference to the previous format is simultaneity.

Working in a hybrid format requires particularly careful planning, taking into account two very different modes of participation, as well as ensuring the necessary technical prerequisites. For example, participants who join an event online should hear questions from the audience offline and be able to quickly ask questions or join discussions.

Synchronous and
asynchronous operation

Synchronous online group work is a standard format where all participants simultaneously listen to a lecture or complete tasks in small groups. We talk about asynchronous formats when part of the material is recorded in advance, and the participants can view and process it not simultaneously and at a time convenient for each and every one.

Online session

A separate meeting for educational or other purposes online.


Technical check

A preparatory meeting of the team or participants before the event, where all necessary functions of the online platform are checked (for example, video/audio communication, screen sharing, etc.) and additional online tools are taught to increase further efficiency of work in the group.

Online backstage

A team place for synchronizing work, solving operational issues and just internal team flooding. It can be a joint chat in one of the messengers, a constant zoom call on a separate device (walkie-talkie function) or a special tab on separate online platforms. Online backstage should be agreed in advance and kept strictly in one channel.

Online prank

Hooliganism at an online event (prank — joke), when one or a group of participants begins to disturb the speakers and the rest of the group, using such technical means as unplanned distribution of the screen with inappropriate content, inclusion of music on the air, etc. The risk of online pranks can be minimized by configuring the online platform where the event takes place and restricting access rights for different groups.

Fatigue from online /

Fatigue associated with excessive use of virtual communication platforms (especially video conferencing). This phenomenon should be taken into account while planning the duration and methodology of common work online.


Technical coordinator

He is responsible for setting up the online platform for the event. This professional resolves technical issues during the event. Besides he accompanies the hosts of the event: turns on the presentation, music and divides into groups.

Technical host

Technical host communicates with participants (before, during and after the event), initiates participants to the online event, creates appropriate instructions for using the platform, and conducts a technical check for participants.

Sometimes the functions of technical coordinator and technical host are performed by the same person. But in the case of a large online event, the proto produktiia agency recommends dividing these functions so that the technical coordinator can concentrate on solving technical tasks, and the technical host - on operational communication with participants.

Graduating director

Graduating director is responsible for the final material during the stream. He selects the most accurate shots from the cameras and takes care of the sound quality.

Sound engineer

Sound engineer is responsible for sound quality during streaming or recording.

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