Producer Gathering

Theatre work is a normal life (even if life is so abnormal).

We are happy to share the Documentation of Producer Gathering – Kyiv, November 2023. The meeting was co-facilitated by Olga Diatel (Ukraine) and Fanny Martin (France) and gathered independent performing art producers who continue their work in Ukraine.

To accompany artists in the creation and circulation of art that matters, we need producers: people who bring together concepts, vision, resources and logistic planning. There are not many such people in Ukraine today, and even fewer who call and identify themselves as such. Proto produkciia agency has been engaged in shaping a community of producers across Ukraine by reaching out to producers individually and organising a trip to the Avignon Festival in summer 2023 together with the Ukrainian Institute. With this Kyiv gathering in November 2023, we invited producers to come together and shape their own community of practice by sharing challenges, ideas and strategies.

Read the documentation of Producer Gathering via link


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