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Initially, the proto produkciia team created this producing dictionary for themselves. After a while, it grew up with the expertise of a dozen practitioners and feedback for this document to come out. This was the inevitable decision. A dictionary can be useful in various functions. For example, for orientation at the beginning of a project or professional path. In addition, any dictionary not only summarizes the contest, but also shapes it with a sight for the future. This one is not an exception as well.

The glossary begins with general terms (below) and then dives into individual areas by sections:

• General terms
• Theatrical production
• Music production
• Production of educational events
• Online products

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The proto produkciia team

Compilers of the dictionary:

Agency proto produkciia, Olga Dyatel, Alona Karavai, Roman Dyma, Volodymyr Burkovets, Oleksiy Melnychuk, Vitaly Kekukh, Diana Derii


Ilya Razumeyko, Oles Zazulin, Maria Tymoshchuk, Natalya Trambovetska

Proofreading and editing:

Maria Tymoshchuk, Alona Karavai

General terms

Production / generating products

The term comes from English ("production") and refers to the verb "produce" - "produce". In Ukrainian, this term is translated as “продакшн”, “продукція” або “виробництво”. In most cases, the first option is used in the professional environment, although in some spheres there are attempts to use the more familiar option "production" (for example, "art production").

Production in the broadest sense is the practical implementation of the project or idea. In detail, this is the process of creating tangible and intangible resources with the goal of obtaining a finished product. Such a product can be a film, an advertisement, a play, a musical recording, etc.

In a narrower sense, this term is most often used in the field of the film industry and advertising and accordingly implies the process of creating an audiovisual product. In this field, there is also the term post-production, which means the stage of production after filming, which includes editing, final cut, voicing of a film, etc.

Agency proto produkciia in its practice uses the concept of "production" in the broad sense of the implementation of any idea or project and is engaged in the production of artistic and educational products.

Art production

Correspondent in English: art production/ artistic production. The process of implementing a creative idea and its practical transformation into a tangible artistic product (for example, a play, film, concert).

Educational production

Correspondent in English: educational production. The process of practical implementation of the educational program, which includes the management of processes in the quadrangle "the one who learns", "the one who teaches", "subject of learning" and "learning space". In the English-speaking world, this term is relatively new and is used mainly in the field of formal education. The proto produkciia agency in its practice uses this notion in a broader sense and mainly in the context of non-formal education.


It is the production (and often financing) of a certain product by two or more production companies. In the case of international co-production, companies from different countries participate in the production of the product. The same as "production", this term is mainly used in the field of film production and production of audiovisual products, but is not limited to this field only.

Board of directors or product decision center

Funding support, choice of production themes, choice of producer and director are a range of decisions that are made by a certain central body before the start of work on the production. Depending on the project and the legal structure of its stakeholders, such a body can be a board, an executive producer, or a group of project creators who simultaneously make central decisions regarding its products.

Executive producer

CEO, namely chief executive officer or director of the project production process. An executive producer can implement several projects at the same time. Often he or she provides financing for the production - either with his own funds, or organizes the search for them. This person finds the producer and builds a team of other key players.


Works on specific products. The producer develops the production budget and provides schedules for all components of the project, from development to distribution. In addition, he or she organizes space for rehearsals, auditions, work meetings, performances, etc. The producer coordinates the work of all departments, monitors the use of the budget, signs contracts with staff and artists. It is important that he or she works closely with the director.

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