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What’s next? Safe cultural multi-spaces for the multidisciplinary reflection of (post)war and (post)crisis European identity

The festival has become a common space for responsible understanding of contemporary history, presentation of cultural and educational practices, joint search of an inclusive and polyphonic vision of history, which involves multicultural, local and personal dimensions.

What’s next? Safe cultural multi-spaces for the multidisciplinary reflection of (post)war and (post)crisis European identity” — project in a partnership of Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Romania), MitOst (Germany), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN (Austria), proto produkciia (Ukraine), Wrocław Institute of Culture (Poland), zusa (Germany). Co-funded by the European Union.

What's next? is a project that aims to foster creativity and courage within the cultural sector and create space for reflection on new formats of residencies and cross-border collaboration. As part of the project, participating organizations will create a safer space for artists, cultural managers, activists, and citizens in 5 European countries to work and gather together.

The goal of What's next? is to develop European multidisciplinary collaboration through international residencies and educational programs to broaden the awareness of a strength of co-creating together as well as exchanging ideas and values.

The project comes from various backgrounds and nationalities, including both Ukrainian artists who continue to work in Ukraine and those who have moved to Europe, as well as European Union residents. This diversity allows for a rich exchange of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, and fosters a truly multicultural and inclusive environment. Moreover, project participants will be able to reflect on challenges Europe has faced in the recent decade.

Co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the European Education and Culture Executive Agency can be held responsible for them.

Project activities:
- Small-scale activities: educational events, cultural talks, encounters, and programs for local cultural actors working on key topics around cultural spaces
- International residencies in each country on its key topics - Final multidisciplinary laboratory “What’s now?” in Ukraine
- Reflection diaries “What’s now?” from each country in the form of texts, visuals, videos, and audio

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